Foot Pull In Stainless Steel

Simplistic Design Good for Home , Offices, Public Places, Hospitality, Comercial and Resilential Buildings

Size 100 x 76 x 38 mm Thickness | Weight 2.5 mm | 240 g Finish Stainless Steel Price Rs 278/(Gst Extra) Buy Now
Size 100 x 76 x 38 mm Thickness | Weight 2.5 mm | 240 g Finish Antique (Stone Wash ) Price Rs 350/(Gst Extra) Buy Now

Foot Pull In Solid Brass -Heavy Duty & Elegant

Soft Touch Heavy Duty Design Good For Your Loving Home, Offices, Hotels & Hospitality with Premium Interior

Size 120 x 76 x 37mm Weight 450 g Finish Rocky Stainles Steel Price Rs 695/(Gst Extra) Buy Now
Size 120 x 76 x 37 mm Weight 450 g Finish Rocky Antique Price Rs 755/(Gst Extra) Buy Now

CUSTOMISED FINISHES AVAILIBLE ( Black / 24K Gold Plated & many More- Mini Order 50 PCS) ENQUIRE +91 7291989750 |

Open doors without touching the handle. Stop the spread of germs and cross contamination.

Foot Pull is a foot operated door opener that works on opening any latch less wood, metal or glass door. Available in SS and Antique finish. Shipping worldwide.

  • Stop the spread of deadly virus
  • Eliminate cross contamination
  • Reduce costs
  • Open door with foot when hands full
  • Increase accessibility in your facility


When you invest is the sanitization of your residential, commercial and public facilities, you are still touching germ infested door handles, which leads to cross contamination. Foot Pull offers a sustainable and cost effective solution that ensures you exit germ free from any room. Step and pull with your foot, it's that simple!

Mounted at the bottom of the door, it will help you pull the door using your foot, thus keeping your hands germ free.

Easy Installation in 6 STEPS

Foot Pull should be mounted approximately ⅛" from the bottom and and outer edge of the door.

  1. Mark the holes with a pencil while holding Foot Pull against the door at a level mounting position.
  2. Use a 5/16” bit to drill the center hole.​
  3. Use the wood screw for the middle hole.
  4. Level the Foot Pull​
  5. Use the 1 ¼” screws for the outside holes​
  6. Tighten the wood screw.


  • Minimal and smart design
  • High quality solid brass and stainless steel
  • Compatible with wooden and metal doors
  • Quick & easy installation within 5 minutes
  • Antique and Stainless Steel finish